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Property Direct Training



Property Direct has some of the best tools and counselors to help you understand general real estate investing and how to make money. Our training videos can teach you how to capitalize on tax liens, flipping, rehabbing, renting, and more. We'll also walk you through the process of what happens after a purchase.


Our customers deserve the best support anyone has to offer. In many cases they have taken a giant leap of faith and have invested tens of thousands of dollars in a company they may know little about. We'll help you feel comfortable and confident in and are happy to hold your hand through the process. Our customers deserve to be rewarded for taking advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime.


Although we have devoted a handful of support team members to help you create return on your investment, the entire company is involved and interested in your success. You can always reach us. No matter who you speak with, we will find answers to your questions and get you the tools and resources needed.